Alliance of Professional Services Сompanies

Advanced technologies for conducting business of professional services, debugged in practice working mechanisms.

Who We Are

ACE is at the forefront of innovation in professional services business.

What We Do

ACE enables organizations to realize their business ambitions through an array of services from strategy to operations.

Our Team

The team members have many years of rich experience and understand the specifics of the Professional Services businesses.

Alliance Companies

Alliance companies successfully operate in Europe, Asia, America (Canada) and Australia.

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What is a professional services?

Professional services firms (PSF) exist in many different industries.

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Unlike other types of organizations, professional services firms sell knowledge and expertise – not tangible, physical products.

Professional services firms include lawyers, advertising professionals, architects, financial advisers, engineers, and consultants, among others.

A firm providing professional services must actively compete in two markets simultaneously: the "output" market for its services, and the "input" market for its productive resources, that is, for the professional workforce.

Balancing between the conflicting demands of these two markets poses a special challenge for managing such firms.

Each professional firm should strive for three goals: service, satisfaction and success.

Without talented human capital, firms are not likely to survive in this competitive field.

21 сompanies in the Alliance
Partners from 8 countries
Geography of 4 сontinents
5 main types of services


Our Company is a highly specialized Professional Services Firms (PSF) Alliance.

As of January 2022, there are 21 companies in the ACE Professional Services Alliance.

02. What We Do

We provides to our Alliance members knowledge and expertise on the specifics of managing companies.

Introduce innovations in the main business processes.

Use IT systems, with ready-made work procedures, and also helps to implement it.

03. Our CEO

Mr. Patrick Mathieu has 20 years of consulting experience across strategic planning, marketing and pricing, IT technology, competitive costs assessments, and financial analysis.

He managed projects covering various areas of Professional Services.

Geography of Alliance members;leaders

Alliance companies successfully operate in Europe (France, Spain, Portugal, Russia, Sweden), Asia (Hong Kong), America (Canada) and Australia.